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Índice, n.º 10 (abril, 2019)




Carla Carmona

Hanne Appelqvist

Maria João Mayer Branco

Eran Guter

Salvador Rubio Marco

Pablo Seoane

Carla Carmona

Enrique Clemente-Quintana

Nana Last

Sandra Markewitz


   Wittgenstein used music in order to deepen our insight into propositional language and the nature of understanding. His remarkable musical abilities and background are well known. Likewise, his facet as an architect has fascinated many within and outside the fields of philosophy or architecture theory. He instigated the philosopher to learn from the architect or the draughtsman and understood that architecture, like philosophy, was ultimately about working on one’s way of seeing things. His remarks on music and architecture are fundamentally intertwined with his philosophical ideas, charged by them and vice versa.
   The present volume brings together nine contributions by experienced as well as emerging scholars from six countries, specialized on Wittgenstein and the arts, in particular music and architecture, but also literature or dance, many of whom have a direct engagement with those fields as practitioners. It sheds light on Wittgenstein’s conceptions of both music and architecture and on the intellectual and socio-historical context behind them. In addition, it addresses the conceptual tools that we can find in his philosophy in order to comprehend our understanding of architectural and musical works as well as to enhance intercultural understanding by means of our architectural practices. It also explores Wittgenstein’s biography, his intimate relationship with the house he built in Norway, or how he engaged with music throughout his life. Even though each paper focuses on a different aspect of the relationships between Wittgenstein, music, and architecture, they share fundamental concerns and return to each other’s questions time and again, thus making a coherent interdisciplinary and multi-perspectival volume.

Carla Carmona, «Preface»

Título: Wittgenstein. Música y arquitectura

Editora: Carla Carmona

I.S.S.N.: 2386 - 5326

I.S.B.N.:  978-84-17898-07-6

Sección: Publicaciones periódicas

Páginas:  146

Publicación: 2019

Precio: 26 €

Código: P7FF

Formato: Papel, fresado

Tamaño: 23,00 x 31,00

Edición: 1.ª edición

Clasificación: Monográfico. Ápeiron. Estudios de filosofía

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